Love my Prayer Pillows

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  • Introducing the "Love My Prayer Pillow", a beautifully personalized, multifunctional pillow that brings faith, family, and fun into your home. This unique product is not just a pillow, but also an interactive pursuit game, similar to "I Spy", that features photos of your family alongside charming illustrations of Noah's Ark characters. The back of the pillow is printed with these delightful images, turning it into a captivating game and life learning experiences in the stories for your children. To add to the excitement, we've included an invisible ink pen and light, enabling the little ones to uncover the hidden family and theme photos in a thrilling nighttime adventure. But the Love My Prayer Pillow offers more than just fun. It's an innovative way to introduce your children to prayer. Each pillow comes with a QR code that, when scanned, plays a soothing prayer and a heartwarming story. This feature provides a tranquil, engaging routine before bed, encouraging our children to look forward to prayer time. The Love My Prayer Pillow is more than a pillow—it's an experience. It's a tool for teaching, a source of entertainment, and a keepsake of cherished family memories. This unique product offers a fun, engaging, and spiritually enriching activity that your children will love and remember. Order yours today and bring the joy of faith, family, and fun into your home. Comes with a FREE scannable Audio gift card so you can leave a memorable message.
  • Broadcloth is full print

    Velvet and peach skin polys are not full prints.

It may come with a QR code charm instead of printing onto the pillowcase, it will not scan on velvet or sequin pillows. 



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